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Scam warning

Tax professionals
21 October 2015Scam warning – Do not open emails from ‘delayedreturn@ato.gov.au

Today, we became aware that the email address we use to send the ‘Delayed tax returns over 30 days’ report from has been used in a scam.

If you have received any emails from the ‘delayedreturn@ato.gov.au‘ address today:

·         do not open the attachment

·         delete the email immediately

·         ensure your anti-virus software is up to date.

If you have opened it, scan your machine with up to date anti-virus software.

The scam email has been sent out widely and some of your colleagues, clients and friends may have also received it.

We are no longer using the email address and are investigating the scam. We will advise you of a new email address for these reports soon.

For more information on how to stay safe online, visit How to verify or report a scam.

Colin Walker
Assistant Commissioner
Tax Practitioner, Lodgement Strategy and Compliance Support

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